Our Director

Nala Walla

Nala Walla is a grief doula, culture-builder, and tender of the old medicine ways. After over 25 years of living off-grid, her commonsense and earthy approach to wellness moves beyond the psychological, into the realms of ritual. 

Her work weaves Ancestral Healing with Grief Work, all rooted in deep relationship with the animate world all around us. By working along our own lineages, Nala empowers all people, no matter what our heritage, to restore our birthright of connections to Earth, and our more-than-human kin.

Weaving Remembrance

Hanna Leigh

As a Singer-Songwriter, Voice Doula, Ritualist, and Devotee of this precious, living Earth, I’ve had the gift of attending many beautiful ceremonies over the last 15 years. At some point I realized that I had gathered a bundle of medicine songs & chants from diverse world traditions – but none from the lands of my own ancestors!

Here I have gathered knowledgeable song-carriers & culture-bearers from across Europe to teach us the old songs and ways of singing.

Grief Pilgrim

Siobhan Asgharzadeh

Choosing to become a grief pilgrim is choosing to step into the territory of Soul with our grief. When we deepen into a soulful relationship with ourselves, there is more opportunity to cultivate a healthy and even beautiful relationship with our grief. In doing so, we create more vitality and meaning in our lives. Becoming a grief pilgrim is about embracing what is, and allowing what is to ripen us into the humans we came here to be.

Siobhan Asgharzadeh