PRAISE: Gratitude Gathering for Tending the Tenders

November 22nd – 26th
Weds thru Sunday

PRAISE offers a space for people who tend the deepest levels of human experience to bask in gratitudes and celebration.  We spend so much time plumbing the depths, it is time to be in good company, and soar together to heights of joy and praise.

Let us praise the Harvest, praise the Holy Waters.  Let us do this so we can renew ourselves in preparation for the Big Work that lies ahead.

We gather to be nourished and cleansed, to celebrate and give thanks. To feast and sing. We gather share stories and dreams, skills and artistry.  We gather to forge the relational bonds that can buoy us as we navigate the deeper currents of cultural change.

PRAISE will be designed for spaciousness, to encourage intimate connections, through walking, swimming, and sitting fireside with one another, for sharing tools and dreams in small groups. 

PRAISE acknowledges the abundant intelligence embodied in our group. There will be lots of “open space”  within the larger gathering container for emergent conversation and skillsharing that allow us to exchange our gifts with one another.    We anticipate much needed discussion around the philosophical, ethical and spiritual evolution of our work.  And lots of simple enjoyment of good company.

PRAISE will take place along the shores of the sparkling, crystalline Lake Crescent in the tradtional lands of the Quinalt, Klallam and Makah, aka Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Lake Crescent, WA, Camp David Jr.

PRAISE will take place during the season of “Thanksgiving,” offering us the opportunity so many are seeking to repattern how we offer gratitudes during this time of the year.

PRAISE will welcome folks to bring their partners and children, in honor of this traditional time of family gathering. In addition to the main timber frame Lodge, there is another space which will house youth and family activities.

YOUTH:  Our youth primitive skills program ALONE is worth the trip, with live storytelling by Harvest Moon, weaving and firemaking with stone age luminaries, Meg Evans and Lucas Schuster.

FOOD:  The way it works is basically a giant potluck.  Each adult will bring one dish that feeds 8-12 people.  Add that to some staple foods that PRAISE provides, and we will all be fed.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  This is a people-powered gathering.  Each adult will pitch in by signing up for service shifts.  You will receive a Service Sheet Form with registration.  Many hands make light work!

10% of our net proceeds from this gathering are going directly to Local Native Tribal Folks.  Your tickets and donations make this possible.

QUESTIONS?  WANT A  WORKTRADE POSITION ?  Send us an EMAIL describing your situation