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Tending the waters within and without.


THE WELL offers tools of liberation from the confusing and isolating messages of dominant colonial society, helping us connect directly with the ever-bubbling Source of Wisdom within each of us, helping us remember that we belong



Mission, Ministry and Manifesto

Throughout the ages, when we are ailing, confused, or distraught, people have always “gone to the well” for healing and clarity. We visit springs, rivers, lakes and seas to help us tap back into in our deepest Source.


During these times of mounting catastrophe and great toxification of mind, body and soul, we need more than ever to drink cool, pure water from an impeturbable fountain of wisdom.  We need once again to “gather round the well,” and relate with one another in ways that honor our grief, our gratitude, and our interconnectedness.


In a society which displays open contempt for strong emotions, there is an enormous backlog accumulating,  We need places that shelter our vulnerability, places where we can experience our grief and rage together.  Places which help us emerge from isolation and overwhelm, and find ways forward, in relationship.  We need ceremonial spaces which nurture our capacities to feel our bodies as part of a much wider Ancestral Body, as part of the larger Body of Earth.


The Mission and Ministry of the Well is to create these places of shelter.  To train modern “Water Bearers” who can offer life giving waters of connection to all who are thirsty for it.   If our mission resonates with you, we invite you to become a member of this ministry through our Patreon Platform.

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Current Projects


Save Chimacum Springs

The SAVE CHIMACUM SPRINGS campaign is a visionary collaboration between local Black and Indigenous folks.  THE WELL is actively helping to raise funds for Chasity Sade-Griffin to purchase this land and for Naoime Krienke rebuild a Chimacum longhouse.  Please donate to the fundraiser, and help spread the word.

UPDATE:  This project was blessed with success!!!  We raised the $400,000 needed to saved the Springs from being sold to the highest bidder.  At this time, Naiome and Chasity are well on their way to their goals.  Praise the holy waters!


Grief and Gratitude

Amidst a society that mandates an unbending and non-negotiable cheerfulness, which displays open contempt for strong emotions, we need a place to shelter our natural grief. A place to reclaim our right to access the vitality and joy contained within our vulnerability. The Grief and Gratitude Lodge is that place.  We have been building a ceremonial community many years now, establishing a template and mentorship for other communities to create their own local ceremonies.

Bokashi Ceremony

Bokashi is an traditional Japanese technique which uses micro-organisms (EM) to heal impacted waters and soils.  Fermented compost is added to clay to make cultured Bokashi Balls which are cast into lakes, fields, streams, and more.  The WELL works with Bokashi ceremonially, preparing the Bokashi, and then sculpting it into cultured “Bokashi Dolls.” The dolls are offered in a heartfelt ritual to heal local lands and waters.  Brewing culture from the ground up.

Ancestor Work

All people, from all backgrounds, descend from folks for whom relating to ancestors was normal and natural.  The seeds of these Earth-honoring ways are still present even in European-ancestored or “white” people.  Even if they have not been accessed for many, many generations, these animist seeds are waiting patiently to be watered.  The Ancestral Healing process helps provide this quenching water, repairing our capacity to feel an indigenous belonging to our beloved Earth.  Please see to learn more.

Making offerings at The Well


You can easily offer your support by becoming a member of THE WELL on our Patreon platform. Your monthly membership tiers give you access to a variety of available benefits, including admission to our ceremonies, courses, wellness library and book groups.  You can also access regular sessions with our growing list of healing practitioners as part of our innovative Community Supported Wellness (CSW) system — join THE WELL to become part of this revolutionary CSW.


THE WELL is a nonprofit foundation, so your donation is fully tax-deductible.   Toss some coins into THE WELL, and make a wish!  Please let us us know if would like to earmark your donation for our reparations fund,  which helps folks who have been historically marginalized access focused attention and resources from THE WELL.

Become a Water Bearer

Does our mission resonate with you? Are you already offering healing / ceremonial work in your community?  We invite you to consider becoming a Water Bearer.  Join a ministry of caring people who are reviving and sharing the old-tyme technologies that help the human species to stay in balance and reciprocity with our beautiful Earth.  If you have skills to offer, please email us!

What People Say

Working with Nala was effortlessly magical for me and my beloved ancestors. This work has been elemental in my sense of rooting and belonging. Even when I feel physically alone, I no longer feel deracinated – I feel supported and backed by my ancestors – working with a deeper clarity in my purpose as I walk this earthly realm.

In the grief lodge I could be my fully broken self, and thus, my fully ALIVE self. Sharing sorrow, rage, and deep collective pain is something we need to get better at doing with one another. Grieving together is a human skill. Thank goodness for these grief lodges, where together, we can re-member.

Ohhhhhh, I am beyond inspired by the ritual. The depth that we reached still stirs inside me, it has been something I have been longing for most of my life – to share the explicit grief and purge in a circle. It felt like a dream come true. I am so grateful for the overall container, and all the love and support and good spirit and heart in that room. I was awed and mesmerized by the stories coming through after the circle had been cracked open.

I want to share an inspiring thing: I started working towards a dream I’ve had for many years, to learn to speak the very very old language of my Irish ancestors! I am thrilled to be learning the native tongue that traces back many hundreds of generations in my bloodline, and already finding such joy and fulfillment in this deeply humbling journey.  I am very grateful for Nala and her anti-oppression lens and for the bringing of her full self as participant, as well as a mentor’ess. 

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